How To Do An Amazon Product Research

25 Feb 2020

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The greatest successes on Amazon are attributed to rigorous product research processes. As a seller, it should be your priority to do your homework always before you list any product for selling. Your goal is not any different from that of other sellers, which is to make money. Research is now easy because all you need to start is a good Amazon product finder . Before we can start, it is good that we talk about how you can do your product research.

How To Do Your Research

Deciding on what you would want to sell may take several steps. The steps are easy to follow, even for anyone who wants to start selling on Amazon immediately.

  1. Find Out The Kind Of Seller You Would Want To Be - Just like entering into any business, there is always the endgame. Take the time to understand how plan to go as a seller on Amazon. Ask yourself whether you are doing business Amazon to satisfy your passions or whether you want to become a revered eCommerce professional. Moreover, whether you may want to sell the business in the future. The big picture is important in shaping your attitudes, your patience, and general personality as an Amazon entrepreneur. When you know all these, you can take the mature steps and make decisions that will make you a more prolific seller. Moreover, you will know how to enter the market. Most people start in retail arbitrage advancing slowly to resellers and further owning private labels.
  2. Define Your Sourcing Modus Operation - You cannot be a seller if you have nothing to sell to people in the Amazon marketplace. An intensive Amazon Product research should get you what you need. If you are not the manufacturer, then you will maybe be a distributor with a buy box for the product. Find out how much you may want to sell. Know the niche of what you wish to sell. oreover, identify its competitiveness in the marketplace. Other factors that may influence your choice include the demand for the product in the market and the seasonality, which is the times of the year the product sells best. Furthermore, pay attention to the profitability potential and the bulkiness of the product.
  3. Take Advantage Of Data Available - There is no way you can make choices without looking at the past in the case of business on Amazon. The process of research can take a lot of time, but the right Amazon product research software can crack the facts quickly.

Product Research Tools for Amazon

There are multiple Amazon FBA product research tools out there to choose from. Here we have highlighted a few to get you going. 

IO Scout

This finder helps you arrive at highly profitable products that have less competition in the market. IO can help you improve your Amazon sales rank in its category just through improved sales. The tool comes with impressive smart filters that allow you to narrow a product to add to your listing.

AMZ Scout

AMZ is known for its impressive product tracking capabilities. Besides giving you access to the most profitable niche, AMZ Scout gives you an estimate of the investment in an Amazon FBA business. The tool also gives you access to information on competition for your product on a current, monthly, and annual basis. From AMZ Scout, you can manage your pay per click(PPC) ad campaigns.

Jungle Scout

This tool is the most common Amazon Product analysis tool. Most of the product research tools in the market today are an improvement of Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is popular for its “Product Database” tool. The tool gives you every product in your niche and several interesting filters to allow you to arrive at your most preferred feature. Interestingly, the tool allows you to first arrive at a niche with its tool “Niche Hunter.” Furthermore, the tool allows you to track the product’s performance moreover its price movements on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

Final Thought

Understanding the art of product research allows you to make brilliant Amazon business decisions. Besides understanding the basics of arriving at your perfect product for a goods product mix, some tools can help with that. The above are just but a few. Choose the ones that work for you and get started now. 


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