The Best Amazon Price Trackers

03 Mar 2020

  Every Amazon seller that wants to start and grow their sales business on this platform should use every help they can, as the competition on this marketplace counts millions of sellers worldwide. One of the essential tools is Amazon price tracker that will help sellers observe product prices, even though they are constantly changing. Tracking prices for various products is practically impossible without the proper specialized software. This tool will help you to set the right competitive prices for your products, keep in sight your rivals' costs, and predict price changes in order to make more profit. 

  In this article, you will find some of the best tools for Amazon price tracking.  


  Keepa has an outstanding reputation among FBA Amazon sellers, and it's available as a desktop application, web platform, browser extension, and Android app. It's pretty simple to use, and it offers excellent features for an affordable price. You can purchase Keepa for $15 per month, or as $180 annually. This tool can track products' prices on the US Amazon page, but it's also working for Asian and European pages. When the prices for selected products drop or rise, you will receive a notification, which can pop on your RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.


  This application offers an in-depth price drop history analysis presented with the clear paragraphs. With CamelCamelCamel, you can check Amazon products' history without the registration or subscribing. It's available as a Chrome extension that will notify you about prices over e-mail. If you are just starting your sales business on Amazon, this is a great deal because you can use this tool's features for free. 

Price History

  If you want to compare and track prices on different platforms, this is the right tool for you. It's available on the website platform, Android app, and Siri shortcut for iPhone users. On the web platform, you insert the product's link to get the price drop chart. 

The downside of this application is the lack of a notification system for price drops, which many sellers find disappointing.


  The main feature of this tool is to provide coupons for shopping, but it also has a feature for a price history data analysis on Amazon, and several other marketplaces. With this tool, you can compare the prices of your rivals and get track of the most competitive and profitable prices. It's available on the web platform, a mobile application for both Android and iOS users, and plugin for browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari

While using the extension, when you stumble on the web platform compatible with Honey, the icon on the browser will turn orange. By tagging the product you want to track, you will be able to follow any price changes in your Honey Droplist, and this Amazon price tracking tool will notify you through e-mail about any price reductions. One great thing about this Amazon price tracker app is that it's completely free!


  If you are keeping data of your products in Google sheets, this app is the right choice for you. Simply add the links of Amazon products you wish to track into your Google sheet, and set the price threshold for each item. When the threshold price is reached, you will receive an instant notification! In your e-mail, you will also receive a daily report of all price changes for your tracked items. 

  DigitalInspiration has two pricing plans, depending on your needs and budget, of course. But both programs are a great deal when it comes to price and quality ratio:

The  Personal plan  will cost you  $29  per year and includes:

  • License for one user
  • Sales rank and availability tracker
  • Monitoring up to 600 items at the same time
  • Source code is not included

The  Enterprise plan  will cost you  $299  annually and includes:

  • Unlimited number of licenses for users
  • Domain license
  • Source code is included
  • Self-host privately

check amazon price history


  One of the really amazing features this tracker tool has is the ability to place an order! Why is this a great feature? Have you ever wanted to purchase something, but you were waiting for the right price. And just when the price got low enough, and you wanted to buy that item, it was out of stock. With Waatcher, this will never happen again. All you need to do is set the price limit based on the product price history report and chart. After the price of your item drops, Waatcher will place an order on your behalf, after you review it on your account. This tool also includes all history price drops data and the ability to search for the right prices for products, for free. It's available on the web platform, and all you need to do is log in with your Amazon account.


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