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How To Delete Telegram Account

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Hi, do you want to delete your Telegram account, close or deactivate your profile? You’re on the right page if yes, a simple guide on how to delete Telegram account.

There is no need staying in a community you no longer find interest. Since you sign up freely and have full access of your account information, you can delete your account anytime.

Telegram is a social media where you can message or text, video, document and share link to people in a different platform and it has features that guide the website itself which enlighten much users to the application.

Meanwhile, Telegram is rate as one of the most well known application used by million of people all over the global and still yet good to communicate with and is mostly used by business organization.

Here are the step to follow and guide line too, many still find it difficult to erase their account from the data base of telegram. Reasons for deleting your account are best known to you.

NOTE: have it in mind that once you delete your account you have no business with telegram again because all your information has been erase from the data base and cant be reverse back again on less you create a new account , so make sure your choice is well noted before taking it as action.

How To Delete Telegram Account

  1. Open your telegram application and login your details
  2. Click on the setting icon and select delete account
  3. Write a reason while you want to leave the website
  4. Tap delete

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