Chelsea FC Academy Sponsorships Programs 2022

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How to apply for Chelsea FC Academy Sponsorships Programs 2022.

Today we will be guiding you all on the best way to gain merited Approval to Chelsea FC Academy under the ongoing Sponsorships Programs 2022. The Full Steps are below which your can proceed with the Application Today.

Note: Application is free and easy to proceed all by yourself online. Learn more Today as you Proceed with the application guide and gain full approval:

Chelsea FC operates a football academy for age groups Under-9 through to Under-23

The Academy was awarded Category One status following an independent audit by the Premier League.

The audit process forms part of the League’s monitoring of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP), created and designed to increase the quantity and quality of homegrown English players. The categorisation system permits the best-ranked academies more contact time with young players and ensures their development teams participate in the elite competitions at youth level. Up to 10 different factors are considered in the grading including productivity rates, training facilities, coaching, welfare and education provisions.

The Academy teams compete in an extensive games programme in the Professional Development Phase (Under-17+). These are split between the Under-18s, Under-19s and development squad, with the latter two generally formed of the same group of players and coaching staff.

How To Join Chelsea FC Academy

Are you wondering how to join Chelsea FC Academy from Africa? If this has been your dream, then you’re in luck to have found this page.

I’m going to breakdown the process involved in how to join Chelsea FC Academy from Africa and present it as simple as I can.

Chelsea FC football academy employs modern-day football development programs for recruiting new prospects.

The club trials for the U9, U11, U12, U14, U15, U16, U20, and U23 have commenced for 2022.

There is also a newly commissioned Chelsea FC Emerging Talent Program according to news posted on their website.

The new program is said to be created for building up the next generation of world-class talents.

As an emerging African talent, you could just be among the lucky ones! Stay tuned for more details on the program.

How To Get A Trial At Chelsea FC Academy

The only way to get to the club’s listings is through the Chelsea FC Academy Registration.

Here are some of the requirements needed to partake:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Discipline in both mindset and learning
  • Learning speed
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Good financial status

Chelsea FC Academy Tiers

Chelsea FC U9
Chelsea FC U11
Chelsea FC U13
Chelsea FC U14
Chelsea FC U15
Chelsea FC U16
Chelsea FC U20
Chelsea FC U23

How To Pass Chelsea FC Academy Trials 2022

The Chelsea FC Academy Trials has been one of the best ways the clubs recruits the best footballing talents on the planet.

It has been successful in capturing footballers who have gone on to be world-class players of today.

This program is made to lend incapacitated recruits a helping hand and a dreamy opportunity to one day, don the Chelsea FC shirt.

Talents who can’t pay the required academy fees are now offered a provisional scholarship by sponsors at the club.

Below are the steps to take in passing the Chelsea FC Academy Trials:

Attend summer camps.
Attend open football competitions in your location.
Record your skills.
Incorporate good sportsmanship.
Show passion and desire in anything to impress scouts and the coaching team.

Here is the link to reach out to the Chelsea FC Academy for inquiries about the 2022 trials.
Chelsea FC Emerging Talent Programs

This program is a link between the club’s academy environments with the global pool of hot prospects.

The program has already identified over 50 schools on which the club scouts have fixated their attention on.

There will be arranged open trials across the globe including Africans.

It is a solid platform where talents are been found and recruited into the main academy for further tests and training.

They engage the best training methods for any age group and recruits are been given the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The Chelsea FC Emerging Talent Programs is also geared towards producing over 20,000 footballers in the coming years.

Program manager, Charles Pius disclosed this on the clubs news post earlier this year.

Below are the further disposed requirements:

Passion for football.
Stats and records from old teams (if there are any).
Parents or guardian consent (for those below 18).
Open to all footballing demography across the world.

Emerging Talent Phases

Let’s have a look at the major phases of the program. There are three main areas of focus;

PHASE ONE: School Activity

This entails the participation of interested applicants into a tournament hosted by the Emerging Talent Program.

It can also be a football event or festival where kids will be strictly paired with their age groups form the academy.

The age group of U9s and U11s are known as the “Foundation Phase” while the “Youth Development Phase” refers to the age group of U12s and U14s.

PHASE TWO: Grassroots Clubs and Coaches

Here, the collaboration between the club and other stakeholders in the footballing industry is paramount for recruiting prospects through trials, mini-tournaments, and football festivals.

With over 500 coaches already recruited for the project, this phase ensures that applicants are well-prepared for the main phase.

PHASE THREE: Emerging Talent Centre

This is the main phase of the Emerging Talent Program where promising talents that have passed the trials of the first two phases will now be invited to the AON Training ground in Chelsea FC for the main event.

Talents will be tested for up to 44 weeks with drills, fitness development, and then technical and tactical knowledge of the game.

The Chelsea FC Elite Academy Program will also be involved in developing the all-round game of the players especially from the U9 to U14 age groups.

Best-performing players will now emerge from the Emerging Talent Program and will have a shot at the academies.
How To Apply For Chelsea FC Academy

Just like the usual club registration, African applicants can apply for Chelsea FC Academy by CLICK on the LINK Below to get access to Chelsea FC Academy Sponsorships Programs 2022.

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