How To Apply For Spain Student Visa

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How To Apply For Spain Student Visa : Spain is one the best country located in southwestern Europe. You can actually need Spanish visa for the following;

  • Take or extend studies in an authorized teaching center, to obtain an official degree.
  • Carry out research or training activities.
  • Participate in exchange programs for students in any educational or scientific, public or private, officially recognized centers.
  • Perform non-work placements.
  • Carry out volunteer services as a student.

However, Spain welcomes students from different countries each year to their country for studies. Most of the student visa comes with full sponsorship.

The application process for a Spain Student Visa can often be stressful, requires a lot of energy, and a lot of documents to be collected. That is why, when you put so much effort on it, you want the outcomes to be positive.

Even if you have everything ready, but you apply too early, or too late, or at the wrong place, then the outcomes will not be very pleasant. To make sure you get a positive answer on your application, complete the steps given below.

Qualification Requirement

This is the basement of your application. If you do not meet the pre-eligibility criteria, the chances to get a visa are zero. You must meet one of the following to be able to apply:

  • You are admitted to an accredited educational institution in Spain.
  • You are admitted at an officially recognized research or training center in Spain.
  • You have an agreement signed with a public or private body or entity, a vocational training center or an organization where you will be volunteering.

Complete the D Visa Application Form

The application form for a Spain Study Visa is the first document you should obtain/complete. The form should not be confused with the Schengen Visa application form since they are different.

The application form for a long-stay study visa contains questions on your identity, intended period of stay in Spain, the purpose of visa application, and other questions on your background.

Make sure all the information you give in this form is correct and in compliance with the information that the other documents contain.

Documents Required to Apply for Spain Student Visa

Next, continue collecting the required documents to apply for a Spain Study Visa. Aside from the main required documents for a Spain visa that include the application form, your valid passport, photos, and photocopies of previous visas and passports, you need to submit additional documents.

First, submit the documents that prove your purpose of applying for a Study Visa:

Studying: Admission letter issued by an educational institution (school/college/university) accredited in Spain. This document must contain the start and end dates of the course.

Research or training: Admission letter issued by a research or training center officially recognized in Spain.

Non-labor practices: An agreement signed between you and a public or private body or entity, or an officially recognized vocational training center.

Volunteer service: An agreement signed between you and an organization in charge of the program. The document must list and describe the activities you need to perform, as well as the available resources to cover your trip, food, and accommodation during your stay.

Then you need to submit documents regarding your stay in Spain. These documents are:

Proof of economic solvency. During the year 2019, an amount of about €540 is required for each month of stay in Spain, in order to cover expenses of subsistence. You will have to submit one or more of the following:

Bank statements for the last three months.

Scholarship award.

Documents that prove the studies have been paid by you or are covered by the body with which the activity will be carried out.
In case your parents will pay the expenses, a notarized document must be presented, signed by them, stating their commitment to cover the expenses. You should also submit a copy of parents’ banking history of the last two months, a photocopy of their passports and your birth certificate.

Medical Insurance. You must purchase health insurance arranged with an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain with a validity of one year. Travel insurance is not accepted.

Proof of accommodation. This could be a rent or dorm agreement, or letter issued by the academic institution indicating details of the accommodation. In the case of accommodation in a private residence, you must present a letter from the owners in the one that expresses its agreement.

If the duration of the requested stay is more than six months, it is also necessary to provide:

Official medical certificate. This document must not be older than three months. It should be duly apostilled, with a translation into Spanish.

A certificate of criminal record issued in the country where you have resided in the last five years. This document too, must not be older than 90 days, must be duly apostilled, with translation into Spanish.

In case the applicant is a minor, a notarized consent of parents or legal guardians indicating the center of studies, address and personal data of the person responsible for the child in Spain is compulsory.

This is my advice to all seeking to further their studies don’t let anything discourage, keep looking for the opportunity and don’t play with any opportunity that comes your way. Keep applying for scholarship one day you get favored. Love You All!!!


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