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How to Delete Rediffmail Account: Deactivate Rediffmail Account

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In this post you will learn how to delete Rediffmail account. We detailed the steps on you can deactivate Rediffmail account.

Rediffmail is a web-based e-mail service provided by The service has around 95 million registered usernames. It offers unlimited free storage space. In 2006, Rediff launched an AJAX-based mail interface. Rediffmail also allows users to send and receive mails in many Indian languages on Microsoft Windows

Here Are Features Of Rediffmail

1. 5 email IDs. Your Rediffmail Pro account comes with 5 email IDs.

2. 1 GB storage.

3. POP3 access.

4. Pull other mails.

5. Flexible.

6. Anywhere web access.

7. 10 MB attachments.

8. F-Secure Virus protection.

How to Delete Rediffmail Account

Currently, there are two ways to delete your account from Rediffmail which is given below.

Delete Your Account through Website

1. Log in to your Rediffmail account by typing your user name and password.

2. Click “Inbox.” Click the checkbox on the top bar to check all email messages. Click the “Delete” button.

3. Click “Log out.”

4. Wait for three months without ever logging in to your Rediffmail account. After three months, your Rediffmail account will be deleted and removed permanently from the system.

You’ll receive a confirmation email once your account has been deleted. This process typically takes a few minutes, but it may take longer.

If you do not receive an email notification within 24 hours, attempt to login to your account to see if it is still active. If it is, please contact Support for assistance.

Second Method;

Delete Your Account By Inactive From Rediffmail

1. Sign-out from every Rediffmail account.

2. Remove the app if it is still installed on your smartphone.

3. Stay inactive for 90 days from Rediff and your account will be removed. Do not log in during this period to your account whether by mobile or laptop else your account will be reactivated again. That’s all you have to know.

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