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How to use your abandoned or empty Land for Plantain Farming Business and Make Money

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You can use your abandoned or empty Land for Plantain Farming Business and Make Money If you don’t have plots/acres of land to start plantain farming on a larger scale as I explained here. You can start a plantain farming business as a side hustle and still have time for your main job or business. Plantain farming is not demanding much of your time.

It is currently raining heavily in all parts of Nigeria.

I know you have an abandoned land somewhere.

Why let this land stay idle when you can plant plantains once on it and enjoy the proceeds for the next 25 years?

With less than 50k you will establish a Plantain farm on a plot of Land.

With less than 200k you will establish a plantain farm on an acre of Land.

Do this once and be sure of making huge returns every year.

This is the best time to start.

I sell suckers at N100 each (bulk quantity attract huge discount)

I help plant and monitor till the farm stabilizes.


In this crazy economy all you can do to save yourself is utilizing every useful resource you have around you

If you have a plot of land somewhere, do yourself good by planting 120pcs of plantain suckers on it

By December you’ll start harvesting and continue to make cool money from it every month

Plantains do not need any paparazzi, just clear your land, plant the suckers and clear the weeds regularly, 3/4 weeding is needed in a year

If you can do this, you’ll never lack plantains in your house, you’ll have excess to gift out and also sell to make cool cash

Screenshot this post, plantain is going to be super expensive when it fully comes out, the reason is that many big farmers who didn’t plant early last year were heavily hit by the December/January drought.

If you already own a plantain farm, clear your farm and remove the suckers around the mother plant to eliminate competition.

If you need suckers and also more guidance on how to go about it, kindly indicate in the comment section or private chat me

A plot will only take 120 suckers and this is just 12k at the rate of N100 per sucker.

If you order your suckers today, you’ll get it the latest 3days after the order, I deliver Nationwide.

To clear your land plot of land, called an aboki around you, they charge around 5 to 7k depending on how thick the vegetation is

With 20k you’ll own a plantain farm, what you need to spend money on henceforth is calling aboki to clear it for you every two months.

Don’t sleep on this golden idea, the rainy season is here to stay.

Now is the best time to start, no procrastination.

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