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Japa or start a Business in Nigeria? – This is How to become a successful Business Man in Nigeria instead of travelling Abroad

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I’ve had over 10 of my entrepreneur friends that have relocated in the past 1 year.

This is a massive brain drain on the country, the resultant effect is that we’re losing our smart ones to further impoverished our land. I’m not blaming these guys, you can’t beat a child and tell them not to cry.

If you feel your country no longer has anything to offer you, you’re free to relocate, and that’s fine, rather than languishing here.

But the narratives have not been the same for me.

Below are the pictures of my farm, I’m happy to announce to you that my farm can now produce 20,000 catfish table sizes at a go.

A kg of catfish is currently 1200, if you multiply that by 20,000, that’s N24,000,000 revenue in 6 months. In one year, my farm is capable of doing N48,000,000 worth of live fish. If I go into full-time smoking, my farm is capable of doing over N60 million worth of smoke catfish annually.

I have a thousand-capacity broiler pen on this farm (under construction). If I go into full-time broiler processing every 6 weeks at the rate of N2,000 per bird.

1000 x 2000 = N2,000,000

6weeks is 42days

365/42 that’s 8

2,000,000 x 8 = N16,000,000

My total annual revenue is amount to N76,000,000.

I love this country and I want it to grow and I’m doing my quota to make it work. It’s not been easy, building a business from the scratch requires another level of strength in this country.

The very first challenge we had is fear of the unknown. When I came here, the whole site was a thick forest with huge trees, I rented 20acres on this axis for plantain farming, I can say I was the first business person to encroach into this area, it was purely a forest when I came here.

The first battle I tackled is fear of the unknown, If you visit here at that time, you’ll hardly stay 5mins on the farm, you’ll run for the fear of being kidnapped.

It was tough for me to get workers, and it was even very difficult for me to have a sane mind as everyone will be intimidating me that they might kidnap me on the farm one day.

All these thoughts and emotional imbalances have a serious negative effect on the plantain farm investment cos I was not able to manage it properly.

But as a visionary person, I had seen the future of the location. Immediately we cleared the 20acres farmland (that’s equivalent to 120 plots), and the whole place became open a little bit.

Omo-onile (landowners) seized that opportunity to sell some of the lands, people started coming in to build. We now have a massive pig farm on a fenced one acre of land, fully operational.

We now have a block industry, one acre-fenced round poultry farm, a bungalow at lintel level, and another fish farm beside mine owned by a friend.

As I’m typing this now, 80% of the lands in that area have been sold, so the place is now a bit open, unlike when only me and my boys will be on the farm all day with no signs of humans in sight, we now have several activities running on that axis which makes it busy to some extent.

This place is not that open but the fear of the unknown has been quenched at 70%.

Another challenge we’re having now is funding, we’ve only stocked 4,000 fish, hoping to stock another 4,000 by end of this month and by January to fully have the 20,000 fish in our pond.

We have 60% of the structures in place, the major stuff we need now is perimeter fencing and gate, 1000 capacity smoking kiln, and to complete some of our structures in place.

We’re not in a haste, we’re growing gradually and the future is very bright for us

Why am I saying all these?

We’re all in this mess together, If we all relocate, who’ll build the Nigeria of our dream?

Obviously, some of us need to relocate, I’m not disputing that fact, it’s part of Nation building but we need to encourage those at home doing stuff to make here saner than you left it.

When my Farm becomes fully operational, we’ll have a minimum of 10 staff strength, this means we’ll have nothing less than 10 staff on payroll. This will help to reduce unemployment on this axis, I also notice I’m one of the first people to establish a fish farm on this axis.

Local traders travel up to Ikorodu and Ijebu-Ode to get fish of commercial quantity, I’ve not been selling live fish from way back, I do only smoke but I’ve been considering it because of this known fact.

This is a plus on this axis in terms of economy

The slang of the common American is “God bless America”

May God bless every entrepreneur out there doing exceedingly well to put Naija in a good light.

God Bless Nigeria!

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