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A Millionaire Mindset you should have as a Business Owner in order to grow your Business and become a Billionaire

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Millionaire & Billionaire mindset

A billionaire in the making must be an avid risk taker, He won’t be stopped until he gets it right.

If he’s not born into wealth, he has only three options; It’s either he got killed, got jailed, or ends up having stupendous wealth.

If he ends up having the massive wealth, Three things are involved: It’s either he’s fortunate, criminally found his way in or find the wealth through debt financing

Two days ago, I watched Tayo Aina interviewing a 31year old successful realtor, Nola Adetola CEO of Veritasi Homes

Nola Adetola is a billionaire at just 31

I listened to the guy speak, he talks about his humble background, his business audacities

He didn’t really share the details behind his massive wealth but I’m 100% sure he’s owing billions just as he’s worth billions.

I won’t really go further on debt financing, you can read more on debt financing here.

OPM will get you that massive wealth at a younger age.

Debt financing kills through depression, it may also land you in jail or keep you on the run if you’re too zealous about it.

There are proper exits to these things but unfortunately, some of this information can’t be found on Google or in any books, you’ll hear them directly from your mentor or learn through experience.

If you want to be a successful clean sheet billionaire, the only way is to attach yourself to a billionaire in your niche, cling to him, worship him, if he’s generous enough and you’re smart, crook or non, he’ll show you the way

You can find many secrets on how to become a millionaire on the Internet or in the book, but non for self-made billionaires.

Mention any billionaires alive and I’ll dig their background for you.

To the quote, a millionaire diversifies;

An average millionaire in the making has a lower risk appetite, they’re always playing it safe.

Give a millionaire N1million and tell him to give you back in 3months with 50% ROI, he’ll reject it.

Give that same N1million to a billionaire in the making and tell him to give you 100% ROI in 3month, he’ll gladly accept it, that’s the difference.

As a businessman or an entrepreneur, You should know where you belong, Your risk appetite will state where you belong.

A millionaire quickly diversifies when he sees his effort is not coming through.

For example;

You’re running a poultry farm but you stopped doing it after the 5th attempt because you’re always running at a loss

To save further funds from wasting, you quickly diversified to a less risky venture in poultry farming like feed production or sales of veterinary products and offering consultancy services to recoup the money lost from farming chicken

A billionaire won’t give up, he wants to be known as the most successful poultry farmer in the Nation, he keeps pumping funds, investing hugely in PR and media buying, working heavily with politicians to induce monopoly and complete takeover of the market so they can sell at their convenient price and policy

They only get tired when they’ve successfully taken over, they then diversified.

An example of a present-day billionaire in this light is Aliko Dangote.

As bad as it is, the world needs people like Aliko Dangote, and Mark Zuckerberg, that is Capitalist in Nature to serve the ever-growing population, the world also needs people with lower risk appetite like me and other young millionaires out there, the world also need the third party team; the income earners to have a balanced economy

The income earners are mostly the category of people who just want to live a good life, they’re not interested in owning the world, they’re more particular about good homes, good cars, good clothes, etc.

To the picture above, I have a millionaire mindset at the moment, still playing it safe to know what works, building structures gradually, product testing, studying ways about debt financing, risk mitigation, and trying to gain market dominance.

By the time I’m done with researching, I’m switching to a full-time billionaire.

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