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How to make Nigeria a flourishing Business Hub that will attract Local and Foreign Investors easily in 10 years

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Do you know that Nigeria can be turned into a flourishing Business Hub that will attract Local and Foreign Investors easily in 10 years?

It’s not a matter of how possible can that be but a matter of who is willing to bring a positive change to Nigeria and make it flourish as the giant of Africa she claims to be.

How To Fix Nigeria and Boost Nigeria’s Economy

I am going to tell you how I can turn Nigeria into a business hub that will attract local and foreign nationals, investors, businesses, events, and agencies to Nigeria.

If I become the Nigerian President today

  • I’ll first ensure every living person above 18 in Nigeria has the National Identity Number including mad man roaming on the streets

You’ll need it to apply for every basic amenity within Nigeria, banks, phone numbers, schools, and every damn thing.

I will do that in the first 100days in the office. If you don’t have NIN, Police may randomly arrest you for it while roaming on the street. The Nigerian Police will enforce it just like the way they randomly seize unregistered cars from motorists.

  • The three major amenities an average Nigerian need is a good road, public light, and security.

These are what individuals cannot do by him/herself no matter how wealthy he/she may be. The presence of these three brings rapid development to any city no matter its location

My next step…..

I will invite every business mogul in Africa to the Aso Villa and ask them to pick an area of interest from the aforementioned.

Build one major road for me and toll it for 30 years, every major road built by these business moguls will be tolled for 30 years.

The toll fee might be as low as N200 per motorist every day, N100 to the businessman, N50 for maintenance of such road and this goes to the pocket of the agency in charge of the maintenance, and the remaining N50 to the government pocket.

After 30 years, the businessman backs off, the toll fee is reduced to N100 and it is mandatory for every road user, if you don’t pay for it, you’ll be arrested and jailed or pay a heavy fine.

To make this tolling truly work, I will scrap Agbero on every road and mandate the businessmen to build toll gates on every road they built.

Every damn road built by these men must be tolled, CCTV and street lights installed, if you drive carelessly and destroy any facilities, you’ll pay for the damages or go to jail.

  • On public light, my government has no hand in that. I will privatize it 100%, I will invite businessmen to take over and tax them to heaven.
  • On security, only the military and paramilitary will be run by the Federal Government. No more federal police, every state in Nigeria must have her individual state policing
  • Another aspect I’ll not take lightly is Education, Health, and Agriculture

Health will be privatized and lots of health-related insurance companies will operate tax-free so there will be many options to take from if you’re insuring your health.

Education at the federal level will be highly subsidized to original Nigerians, foreigners will pay standard rates.

States should run their institutions but give credence to indigenous students, and non-indigenes should pay standard rates.

No more funding for ASUU, Universities should find ways they can generate their internal revenue, they should find ways to monetize every basic utility in their school and run programs that’ll fetch them good money.

Agriculture and farming are no longer poor man’s business, if you want to venture into this, you must be ready to spend a lot of money.

My government will provide good roads, public lights, and security which will solve many of the issues in this industry.

The introduction of many private industries to aid processing and packaging and a regulated market will also help this Agriculture thrive in Nigeria.

If good roads, light, security, good education, healthcare, and enabling environment are provided by a functional government in Nigeria, I believe Nigeria is going to be a flourishing Business Hub where Africans, Asians, Americans, and even Europeans will be trooping in for businesses and leisure.

Nigeria has many good foods, attractive tourist centers, and diverse cultures among others that will attract foreigners to Nigeria. This is help boost local production, help those in the hospitality business and also boost our forex.

How I wish Nigeria will get it all right someday. God Bless Nigeria!

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Fix Nigeria and Boost its Economy

The following is How To Improve Nigerian Economy
  1. Fixing Electricity in Nigeria.
  2. Discouraging Insurgency In Nigeria.
  3. Patronizing Nigerian Made Products.
  4. Improvement of Law and Order.
  5. Encouragement of Innovations.
  6. Encouragement of Publication Of Government Ministries, Departments, And Parastatals’ Expenditures.
  7. Abolishing Religion and Tribalism in the Public and Private Sectors
  8. Investing in Healthcare and Education
  9. Investing Heavily in Security Intelligence
  10. Embracing Science and Technology, especially in Government Establishments.
In order for Nigeria to become a developed country and meet its human development targets of dramatically increased access to housing, education, electricity, food, etc., for a majority of its citizens, there needs to be a radical shift in the governance structure of the country, and eradicating tribalism, religion, and ethnic sentiments.

The Nigerian government is an enabler of insecurity in Nigeria. They keep on arresting terrorists and rehabilitating them and sending them back into society.
The weak judicial system is also one of the biggest causes of insecurities in Nigeria. People feel insecure when criminals and terrorists go free. Many evil-minded people think that money can buy freedom in the country; unfortunately, the corrupt system proves this line of thought.
The main thing lacking in Nigeria is good governance. The political structure in Nigeria is corrupt, tribalistic, religious, archaic, and unrealistic. Nigeria’s economic potential is constrained by many structural issues, including corruption, inadequate infrastructure, business barriers, obstacles to investment, lack of confidence in currency valuation, and lack of experts in governance, nepotism, tribalism, and religious sentiments.
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