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How To Delete Bootcamp On Mac

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How To Delete Bootcamp On Mac

Bootcamp gives users opportunity to create account profile with their names and manage mac, in setting up various hardware and software .

We have plenty request from our readers that they would like to delete their account from Bootcamp. They are a lot reason why users are deleting their accounts from the Bootcamp but that’s not our main concern.

if your reason for deleting your account is minor like email spamming, we recommend that you either mark the mail as spam or unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button given at the bottom of the mail you received. If beyond this reason, follow the step below to delete the account permanently.

 How To Delete Bootcamp On Mac

Follow the procedures to delete Bootcamp from your mac computer:

  1. Select the Application section on your Mac.
  2. Click on Utilities and look for the button that launches Boot Camp Assistant.
  3. Tap on continue
  4. Select to restore
  5. Need to input your admin credentials. Do so, and then press ok.

Since you have followed the above instructions carefully, you should now be able to remove the Bootcamp partition from your Mac. So, Bootcamp Assistant will now delete all of the data on the Bootcamp partition, and restore your partition to the previous boot disk. After this is finished, your Mac will return to its state prior to your Bootcamp installation.


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