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How To Delete Flickr Account

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Delete Flickr Account

Flickr is a web platform design to upload millions of photo and you can use it to share your photos to different platform or social medium in the world.

Meanwhile, Flickr is an easy way or fast means where you can upload your photos and has it rate as a one of the best application because of their protocols used in the app.

In Flickr application you can deactivate or delete your account if you like to , but have it in mind that you wont have any access to your account because all your data which contains your personal information including your photos has been erase in the application and cant be reverse anymore ….

However, we don’t know your reason but we already have trending issues from users complaining and wants to delete their account. Some reasons are time consuming, spamming messages and other things. if you’re fed up already read and follow the instructions.

Here are the step to follow to enable you deactivate or delete your account..

Delete Flickr Account – Deactivate Flickr

  1. you have to login to the application,
  2. once you are done with it you will click on your profile by the side you will see setting icon then you will click on it and the icon of delete account will appear then you have to click on the delete icon after that Flickr support team will ask you to login you’re password to enable it delete permanently and also to be sure that you actually want to delete the account.

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