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Smart Agribusiness you can start with 100k in Nigeria – Production of Catfish Fingerlings

Smart Agri-Business You Can Start With 100k in Nigeria

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There are many Smart Agri-Business Ideas You Can Start With 100k in Nigeria but in this article, I am going to talk about the Production of Catfish Fingerlings in huge quantities and selling for profit.

Production of catfish fingerlings is undoubtedly the most profitable agribusiness venture within the shortest period. It’s a business you can do with N10 and make a cool N100 from it within 5 to 8 weeks.

But as profitable as it is, it’s also the riskiest venture. It’s time-consuming, if you also lack patience and can’t pay attention to details, you can’t succeed in the business.

How To Start Production of Catfish Fingerlings Business and Make Money

Two years ago I set up a catfish hatchery unit, I ran it for almost a year without any success


As someone who has several other business ventures, I found it difficult to manage it myself, hatchery management requires an expert, and an amateur can’t handle it, it’s very technical.

In order not to disappoint my customers that always demand fingerlings and juveniles, I found another way around it.

Yes, you can still make cool money from selling fish seeds without running a fish hatchery. By buying the Ijebu-sized fingerlings, they’re smaller than the regular fingerlings, they’re around 3/4weeks old from hatching, offtake this size from hatchers and stock it in your nursery tanks. Then raise them for another 4 weeks and sell them as Juveniles, you would make over 100% ROI within 4 weeks.

Buying and stocking this size has already taken away 70% of your stress if you’re to hatch and raise them from hatchlings.

It’s usually sold for N5 to N7 per one depending on size, I currently have 10,000pcs in the three tanks below, I’m not planning to resell them at juvenile though I’m stocking them all to mature into table size.

But if I decide to sell at Juvenile, I’ll sell one at N30 each when they fully reach a juvenile size.

Let’s calculate the profit margin

10k fingerlings at N6 each = N60k
Jerrycan and Logistics = N10k
Feeding for 4 to 6 weeks = N30k
Miscellaneous = N10k

Total = N110k

The profit margin at Juvenile

Assuming 30% mortality

7k juveniles × N30 = N210

270k – 110k = 160k in 6wks.

This is a business you can start in your backyard and make cool money on the side.

Juvenile fish moves very fast as some farmers don’t want stress or want to harvest their table-size fish within 2/3month of stocking

This is one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria to venture into right now.

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