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Businesses run by a Couple have a higher Success rate than Businesses run by one Person… My Personal Experience

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Are you still wondering whether to manage your business alone or involve your partner in managing your business?

In this article, I will tell you from my personal experience why Businesses run by a Couple have a higher success rate than Businesses run by one Person.

My Personal Experience in Managing a Business as a Couple.

When I was operating my business at Mowe, Ogun state, I noticed a common scenario among business owners within that environment. Most of the thriving small business enterprises around this area are run by couples.

I can say categorically that all the successful business owners in my area of residence, Ofada LGA precisely, are run by couples.

There are only two Pharmacy shops (both are Igbo). When I moved there 4years ago, one pharmacy shop closed down the following year but the other pharmacy run by a couple has established three more shops within the area.

Before I left there three months ago, they now own a cosmetic and provisions shop, drinks, wine, and liquor store, and another big pharmacy store within the area.

The most successful building materials shop in the area is run by a couple (they’re both Yorubas). They also sell cement in bulk and retail, they are distributors of Dangote cement, and there are no building materials you need you won’t find in their shop.

The most successful POS business in this area is run by a couple, they have about 5 POS shops in this area.

I took my time to study this trend the second year I arrived at Ofada when my business was struggling and I think I wrote about it on my social media profile when I did the survey.

My wife is a trained fashion designer, when we came together, I made her fall in love with farming. There is nothing about my farming and real estate business that she doesn’t know. If I die today and you come to say I’m owing you N1, my wife doesn’t need to consult anyone, check any book, or think twice to say to your face that you’re lying or saying the truth.

She rarely uses social media but she knows all my social media loyal friends, fans, and customers by their first and second names, she knew all of you offhand.

We do travel miles to deliver plantain suckers to jungles and forests in the thick of the night if my workers are all engaged. She’s so into my business, she’s the engine oil beside my gasoline in my farming business.

I don’t know if these statistics are true, but businesses run by couples with the support of their kids have a higher success rate than businesses run by one party of a union. I observed this at my former residence, I tried it and it worked for me as well.

At my new residence and place of business, it’s been three months now, and I don’t have any workers, my wife and I run the farm with the support of my younger sister. There has been no loss, no story, no headache. We resume to farm daily, feed the fish, tend the plantains, cook at the farm, do jolly and continue every other day.

This is my observation, it works for me, and I think it can work for you.

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