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Crop farming, Poultry Farming or Catfish Farming: Which Farming Business should I venture into as a new Investment?

Crop farming, Poultry Farming or Catfish Farming: Which Farming Business is Makes More Money?

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I am going to talk about these 3 farming business ideas: Crop farming, Poultry Farming, and Catfish Farming, and Which of the Farming Business you should venture into as a new Investment to make Money?

Poultry Farming or Catfish Farming

If you don’t have an uninterrupted source of funds, don’t go into poultry and any other livestock that demand everyday feeding.

Do catfish farming but make sure you have a good and uninterrupted source of water.

Catfish can stay one month without feeding, if you’re broke within this period, you have enough time to run around for funds.

A day without feeding in your poultry pen will cause serious calamity, you won’t even want to try it.

With catfish, you only need to sort your fish and change their water often, you can also randomly throw in raw waste, catfish will do very well with chicken intestines or any animal material.

Catfish will not accept plant material unless they’re extremely hungry and even if they do, it won’t do them any good.

Caveat: don’t try to starve your fingerling and juvenile catfish oo, they won’t survive it, you can only do from melange upward

Crop farming:

Do not venture into vegetables, fruits such as cucumber and watermelon, maize, or any short-term crop if you don’t have enough time on your hand to do the regular weeding

If you don’t want to care about replanting your seeds every year, do plantain farming

Plantain only needs 3/4 weeding in a year and if your soil is very fertile, you may not need fertilizer for the first 3 years.

Running a business is not easy, you can check the challenges you might face as a farmer or business owner here.

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