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How to start a small scale Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria with N20k

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The plantain farming business is a lucrative business in Nigeria. In this crazy economy, all you can do to save yourself is utilize every useful resource you have around you.

If you have a plot of land somewhere, do yourself good by planting 120pcs of plantain suckers on it.

By December you’ll start harvesting and continue to make cool money from it every month.

Plantains do not need any paparazzi, just clear your land, plant the suckers and clear the weeds regularly, 3/4 weeding is needed in a year.

If you can do this, you’ll never lack plantains in your house, you’ll have excess to gift out and also sell to make cool cash.

If you already own a plantain farm, clear your farm and remove the suckers around the mother plant to eliminate competition.

If you need suckers and also more guidance on how to go about it, kindly indicate in the comment section.

A plot will only take 120 suckers and this is just 12k at the rate of N100 per sucker.

It’s been raining cats and dogs heavily for the past few days, kindly order your suckers today, I deliver Nationwide.

To clear your land plot of land, called local people around you, charge around 5 to 7k depending on how thick the vegetation is

With 20k you’ll own a plantain farm, what you need to spend money on henceforth is clearing the weeds every two months.

Don’t sleep on this golden idea, the rainy season is here to stay.

Now is the best time to start, no procrastination.

You can read ”How to Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria and Make Money” for full guidance on how to start a plantain farming business in Nigeria on a larger scale.

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