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6 Things That Can Permanently Change Your Business and Financial Life As An Entrepreneur

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The best time to go into entrepreneurship is when you still eat free food under your parents or guardians.

You would be able to commit lots of mistakes and get away with them, and most importantly, learn from them. You can even decide to pause the biz and continue at a later time.

If you are a guy, unless you decide to have a girlfriend, no one’s gonna judge you for being broke, too.

It’s such a forgiving phase in our lives.

Unfortunately, many youths miss this opportunity.

It’s very easy to get distracted by social media trends until one day you wake up and realize that you are 26 years old.

It’s never too late if you now fend for yourself, though. It’s just that it’s the second-best time to get started.

Not everyone would become an entrepreneur, but every professional would need the mindset of an entrepreneur.

If You are An Entrepreneur, These 6 Things Can Permanently Change Your Business and Financial Life, and Increase Your Self-Esteem In 2023;

1. Register A Business Name. Also, get your TIN. – You’ll Need it for No. 2 below.

2. Open A Corporate Bank in a traditional bank like Sterling Bank (Not a NeoBank like Kuda, or PalmPay) with your Business Name. – It makes you look more legit, respected, and dependable, and create an overall good impression with new clients.

Before offering a service, send your bank account this way;

Financial Institution: United Bank for Africa
NUBAN: 7623874632

This earns you more respect than just sending your account number like this: 0738078711 Yusuf Modukoya Access Bank.

3. Start issuing invoices instead of sending your account number in a casual way. Also, send invoice reminders instead of saying “Boss, how far my payment na”. Luckily, Invoicing platforms have automatic email reminders and invoice status notifications. These are sent to your clients via e-mail.

4. If you are doing number 3 above, you will notice you have been automatically building an email list of all your customers; both new ones, returning ones, and ones who eventually didn’t commit. You can use this data in remarketing or making promotional offers later on. You can use for this, but I use Wave Apps.

5. Blog and Share Related Content – Form the habit of blogging or sharing helpful social media content like this one I have just done. But if you are a rugged hustler like me, you can do both blogging and social media content sharing.

6. Learn how to communicate formally via Emails – If you don’t have formal communication skills as needed in emails, please learn from the companies you interact with. You can start by noticing how your banks respond to you when you lay complaints. You will need this skill when working with elite individuals.

See the screenshot below and notice how formal and fierce I sounded in response to a threat submitted by a lawyer from the Netherlands.

You will need this skill when submitting Proposals, Agreements, Contractual Terms, and Cancellation Clauses, and even when responding to emails from certain people.

If you can achieve these 6 things in 2023, I can guarantee that by the end of 2023, you would have noticed a positive shift in your professional life, financial life, and general self-esteem.

Those things I have listed above are sacrifices worth going hungry for, and you will never regret it.

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