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How To Delete Tinder Account

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Tinder is a dating app where you can text, video call and voice note, and it has bring millions of people in different countries together and it rate is now high because of the way people love the app. tinder is also a media where you can meet your partner because the app is all about dating and it has create a world record because of the high rate people use the app.

Some have come to a conclusion that there want to delete their tinder account but don’t know the process which they can use to delete their account permanently , nevertheless here are the guide lines on how to delete Tinder account permanently and also have it in mind that once you delete your tinder account , you have no access to that account again because it has been erase from the data base of tinder .

This are the major Reason why tinder users have made their mind to delete their account;

1. some delete because they have seen their partner
2. some delete their account because they feel like been offline to the app
3.because of the way scammers have interface on the app and they are scared of been a victim
4.some delete because they feel like there cant find their partner

Steps on How to Delete Tinder 


  • Click on the app>Login


  • Tap on your profile and click on settings


  • Go down and you will see delete account


  • Click on that icon


  • You will be given two option weather to deactivate or delete permanently.

Tinder supporting team will ask you to give a reason why you want to delete , once you write down your reasons your account will be deleted completely.

  1. You can also delete your tinder account without clicking on the app, you can use your browser website to login, this has to be done if you are you having issue with the app , this are the tips to login on your browser .
    type tinder on your browser
  2. you will login
  3. then you to click on your profile
  4. you will scroll down click on setting and select on delete account

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