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How To Start a Profitable Maggot Farming Business

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👉Get any plastic open container. Size should be according to quantity of maggots you want to make.

👉Get any substrate that are non smelly like Rice bran, wheat offal, maize shaft, etc. These materials serves as bedding and substrate for the flies to lay their egg.

👉Mix some quantity of water with sugar or molasses allow the mixture to stay for 24 hours covering it in a cool dry place.

👉Mix this water mixture with any substrate you have chosen till it forms a mesh don’t water log the substrate…And leave the plastic containing the substrate in an isolated place so no much disturbance.

👉After 3 days you will notice lots of flies around the plastic containing the substrate, but before then make sure daily you wet the mixture by sprinkling water to make the content to remain in a mesh form.

👉Note once the content is dry.. Flies will only eat from the substrate and not lay eggs. This will cause the system to produce very little or no maggots.

👉After 5 days you will notice lots of white clutches of materials at different part inside the mesh mixture this are flies eggs at beginning of day 6. Close up the open part of the plastic with a mosquito net so that nothing goes in or out of the system, while sprinkling of water daily is important.

👉Remember that the plastic should be kept in a cool place some level of shade like under a plantain or banana trees or any trees that form some level of SHADE, to avoid direct sunlight heating up the system, which could mess it up.

👉Harvesting can start from day 7 till day 12 depending on the size of fish or animal you want to feed them with you can harvest by getting salt in warm water in a bucket; usually maggot will stay under the layers of the substrate so use a Parker to get out the first layer.

👉Then get the maggots with the substrate and pour them in a different container, containing warm water and salt

From day 6, you will start to notice lots of maggot formation though small in nature
To make them big, you can sprinkle bakers yeast ,it grows them faster

👉Maggots will float up and the substrate will sink down you can use a sieve to separate the maggots from the water

Step 10
👉Maggots can be fed live to animals like fish, poultry etc Or they can be sun dried , grounded and mix with your feed formula replacing costly soya thereby reducing cost of your feed and still having high profit margins.

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