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Quickest way to Make $2,000 Monthly in Affiliate Sales and Ads with a Content Website

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There are several ways you can make $2,000 a month in affiliate sales and ads with a content website. Some strategies you might consider include:

  1. Building a large and engaged audience: The more people who visit your site and interact with your content, the more opportunities you’ll have to make money from affiliate sales and ads. One way to grow your audience is to create high-quality, useful, and shareable content that resonates with your target audience.
  2. Monetizing your traffic: Once you have a large and engaged audience, you can start monetizing your traffic through affiliate marketing and display advertising. To make the most money from your traffic, you’ll want to focus on finding high-paying affiliate programs and working with advertisers who pay well.
  3. Optimizing your site for revenue: To maximize your earnings, you’ll want to optimize your site for revenue. This includes choosing the right ad placements and formats, testing different affiliate programs, and using tools like Google AdSense to track your earnings and optimize your ad performance.
  4. Promoting your site: Finally, you’ll want to promote your site and content to reach new audiences and drive more traffic to your site. This can include promoting your site on social media, guest posting on other sites, and running paid advertising campaigns.

What You Need To Do in Inorder To Make $2,000 a Month in Affiliate Sales and Ads with a Content Website

1. Select a niche that is not too competitive but still quite profitable.

Reverse engineer content websites that sell on Flippa or Empire Flippers. Look for the right balance of profitability and competitiveness.

2. Do keyword research.

You can do it for free using Google autosuggest, people also ask, or a free tool like Answer the public.
Another option is to use a paid tool like Ahrefs, Semrush, or LowFruits.

3. Create your website.

Create a simple WordPress website with a fast theme like GeneratePress. Use only a few plugins.
Make it quick and with a good user experience. Don’t focus too much on things like design and logo.

4. Write good content.

Check what’s already ranking on positions 1-3 and write better, more detailed blog posts.
Start with informational articles, and switch to round-up reviews once you have 30-40 blog posts.
Write as much as possible and keep publishing.
Be consistent!

5. Build some links.

Start with guest postings on relevant websites and resource pages.
Only create a few backlinks in the beginning.
It should look natural.
Publish more content and progress with your link-building efforts simultaneously.

6. Monetize your website.

Now is the time to monetize your website and makes some.
Start with affiliate marketing ( Amazon Associates, AvantLink, etc. ) and ads ( Ezoic, Mediavine, AdThrive ).
Eventually, add some digital products or sponsorships into the mix.

By following these strategies and working consistently to improve your site and grow your audience, you can make $2,000 a month in affiliate sales and ads with a content website.


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