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How to Become Successful in Real Estate Business in Nigeria without having a dime

How To Start Real Estate Business in Nigeria

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There are three ways to start a real estate business in Nigeria or become successful in real estate without having a dime. I will talk about the 3 ways/strategies in this article;

Strategy One:

Go to some of the upcoming areas near the major cities or towns and make some inquiries about the lands in that area.

Meet the true landowners or families who genuinely own massive lands they’re willing to sell in that area. After meeting the families, find out about their history, and their reputation, check to see how many branches they have and find out about other rivals over the parcel of land you intend to buy.

Take a third-party surveyor to take the coordinate of the land and chart to see if it’s not government land.

After this, book at least 5 acres, strike a deal with the family, tell them you’re willing to pay for 2 acres now, and spread the balance over 6 months to 1 year.

Come to social media, advertise massively or make a cold calling to people who are willing to buy land in your cliques.

Tell them they can pay it in installments and issue a contract of sale to every participant after their first commitment.

After making payment for the 2 acres, raise funds from the first set of people to do at least a 5 coach fence round at the entrance of the land, build a security house and make a very big banner indicating so so and so Estate.

Get a town planner to allocate the plots and also make provision for access roads.

Come to social media again, advertise like a mad person, or get influencers to advertise for you.

People will rush the land, and you make money, and move to the next available land in another area.

Strategy 2

After making proper findings of the land,

See if the family wants funds to get papers for their land like surveys, clearing of forests, town planning, and other related stuff.

Finance the family for all these expenses, Based on your commitment, you’ll get a half plot, a full plot, or two plots on every acre of land on land the family has in that location, you can in turn sell these lands and make good money for yourself

Most surveyors do these a lot, that’s why they have so many lands at their disposal in strategic locations

Strategy 3:

Meet the family, strike a deal to allocate some lands for you at a very cheaper price, say 250 to 500k per plot, get some investors, buy off all the land, do your survey and lodge it, and process your C of O or government consent.

Raise more funds from investors to do the perimeter fencing of at least 6 coaches and build a gigantic gatehouse at the entrance with an inscription of so so and so Estate.

Come to social media, gather two to three badass influencers, give them 100 to 500k each base on their followings, and leave them to do their job.

Place a price tag of N15 million per plot and tell people they can pay within 12 to 18 months, people will rush it like a hot dodo.

These are all the strategies 95% of the real estate agent are using and they sell out their properties.

In case you don’t know I’ve diversified into Real Estate ventures with my company name Viands Homes and Properties Ltd situated at No. 2 Viands Home Avenue, Itoikin, Epe, Lagos.

I’m using the first strategy to test the waters, I currently have 10acres of land at my disposal and I’ve sold a quiet number out of it.

There is another advanced level to real estate, this includes erecting buildings and offer for sale but I don’t want to go into that now until I have mastered the game very well.

How To Start Real Estate Business in Nigeria

A lot is going on in the hinterland, Serious money is moving in those places you city people are calling bush.

Abroad people no dey dull, smart people in the city no dull, local people don form cabal here.

Building materials sellers are cashing out steadily here, their case is like selling shovels when there is a gold rush.

In my presence yesterday, Someone bought 150 acres of land for Estate, this person already owns a completely fenced 100 acres. He’s a young guy living in the U.K

There is this Estate called Isimi Lagos, You can google it, the Estate is located in Itoikin, Epe, not far from where Julius Berger was buried. Land in that area at this moment is still around 500 to 700k per plot, but in this Estate, a plot of land is sold for N9million.

Do you know what these Abroad guys do? they’ll come home, go to some location with a good prospect, buy a minimum of 100 acres of land for as low as 200k per plot, do some partial fencing, do some road layout, get a transformer, and put security officers. They will get good influencers to advertise for them and sell a plot of land for as low as N5 million.

Do you know how Mowe/Ibafo/Ofada got developed? The lands here are overpriced.

Iya Rainbow and Odunlade Adekola are some of the Influencers Real Estate people use to sell land here.

Many of these people that bought overpriced land find it very difficult to resell. I met a woman who got a plot of land here in Ofada 6years ago. She bought it via Facebook and never visit the land until after 4years. She wanted to resell but the asking price was around the price she got the land 6years ago. She bought it N2 million 6 years ago from Real Estate people, whereas the price of land at that time was around 300 to 400k per plot from the landowners.

If you’re looking for land to build your house and you don’t mind the price as long as the location is okay, you can buy in the city or in any of these Estates.

But if you want to do business, go to the hinterland with a very good prospect, get investors, buy as much as possible, fence it round, do a layout, get good influencers to advertise for you, you’ll make your money back with huge returns on investment, there are many people are looking for a ready-made land with zero issues.

If you don’t have money, there is another way round to own land at a very cheap price in the hinterland. You’ll have to pally with the omo-onile and surveyors when working on developing a new site. You sponsor them, bring in customers and they allocate some land for you after every successful deal.

A friend of mine owns several plots of land in this Epe through this method. You sponsor their court case, mobilize their th∆gs, support in the felling of trees, and commit funds to the layout of the road. If you can’t do all that, bring buyers.

It’s a win-win for everyone, if you do these, in less than 2 years, you’ll own several plots of land in strategic locations

I am just giving out Real estate business Ideas for those interested, no go dull yourself claiming a big man in Surulere or Lekki on top person house wey you dey pay rent.

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