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How to Start a Real Estate Blog and Make Money Online and Offline

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Are you looking for How to Start a Real Estate Blog that is Guaranteed to Make Money for You? If yes, this article will guide you on how to get started.

The real estate blogging niche is one of the most profitable yet untapped niches in Nigeria.

If you do a quick random search online you will notice that all top realtors and companies are either focused on social media or direct response marketing.

While there’s nothing wrong with the use of these marketing angles, it, however, creates an opportunity for any newbie who desires to break into the market with lesser effort.

If you do another quick random search online you will notice that not many of them have a blog that will give them an opportunity to generate leads from Google.

The very few people that have blogs do not know how to optimize them well enough so that they can rank for valuable keywords.

So, they work so hard to write tons of valuable articles but they quickly get buried on the 100th SERP where nobody ever gets to read them.

If you are a realtor or desire to go into real estate marketing, I want to show you what you need to pay attention to when it comes to utilizing blogging in your business.

What I’m going to be sharing with you is only a fraction of my knowledge of using Google as my salesperson.

I earn most of my income from blogging and I can tell you for free that some of my articles on the subject of real estate are not even targeted at Nigerians.

How I am able to use international SEO to attract real estate companies that pay me for sponsored posts because I rank for what their prospects are searching for can easily be replicated in local SEO.

Like I’ve always said here, Google is highly designed to favour local businesses. So, mastery of local SEO will give you an advantage.

Enough said, let’s get right into it.

How to Start a Real Estate Blog

1. Choose a profitable blogging niche

How you know a profitable blogging niche is by looking at the advertising budget of companies in that niche.

Companies are too smart to throw money in advertising into a niche where there’s no money. You will confirm this when you monitor the cost-per-click of the keyword.

Is real estate a profitable niche? Of course, yes. You do not need to be told that one.

Now that we’ve established the profitability of the niche, let’s look at other areas.

2. Choose an easy-to-rank domain name

On many occasions, Google Search Boss has denied that your choice of a domain name doesn’t affect your ranking but battle-tested evidence has proven him to be wrong because he’s not in the game to confirm that.

You can’t be thinking of starting a real estate blog and your domain name is sounding like a medical prescription drug.

Your ideal clients might find you but they will think they are on the wrong platform, so, they will check out.

A good name that’s easy to rank will increase your chances of succeeding.

3. Build your blog on WordPress

There are so many content management systems out there but the chief of them all is WordPress.

Beyond how easy it is to customize WordPress, you can easily have access to a lot of helpful free and paid plugins that will make people think you spent a million dollars to build your real estate blog.

Interestingly, WordPress is FREE.

4. Tidy up your technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the infrastructural optimizations you make on a website to help search engine spiders properly crawl and index the site.

Some great examples of technical SEOs you should look at are the installation of SSL certificates, the use of Webp image formats, the miniaturization of texts, the use of schema markups, etc.

Sign up for Search Console and analytics to help you monitor and track your performance. Doing this will help you to know exactly what to focus on.

5. Write down all the frequently asked questions you can think of and turn them into blog post titles

Earlier last month, I launched a course, Blogging for Real Estate Marketers.

In this course, one of the bonuses you will get is a PDF where I listed over 100 real estate blog post titles from the top frequently asked questions in the industry. I can replicate this in any niche because I used a tool that helps me find top questions real people are asking that not much has been written about them.

These blog post titles are so optimized that many of them have search difficulties below 40.

I actually keyed them into Google Search and used multiple SEO tools to ascertain their competitiveness.

My findings made me wonder what the very few realtors who are using blogging are doing.

When you write down these FAQs, you can generate 5 topics from each of them, use the best of them as your blog title and turn the rest into your subtitles.

Here’s what will happen when you do that:

a. You will start ranking for multiple featured snippets. That’s No. 1 on Google.

b. You will start generating massive traffic from Google

c. You can turn this traffic into leads and thereafter into clients

d. From your blog, you can easily attract Nigerians in the diaspora who have more purchasing power

e. It will be easier for you to build the trust and credibility you need to sell more properties.

Can you now see how easy it is to use blogging in growing your real estate marketing business?

You can as well BLOG FOR REAL ESTATE MARKETERS or recommend it to a realtor you know that would like to start maximizing the power of blogging.

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