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How to Become very Wealthy Within a Short Period of Time By Investing in Real Estate Business

How Real Estate Business is Making Investors Become Millionaires

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Are you looking for a way to become very wealthy in no distant time as a real estate investor in Nigeria? Just like the former article on starting a real estate business in Nigeria as a young person, this article has some real estate tips for beginners in the business on how to get cheap lads and properties and sell for profit.

I am going to be talking from my own personal experience in the Real estate business.

I ventured into real estate a few months ago, I told a friend about this, and what he said afterward wowed me,

He said;

Tunde, you’ll become stinkingly rich very soon, if you do this thing well, the kind of life you’ll be living in a few months will wow you.

Before starting, I made frantic research on real estate ventures in Nigeria, I read every document I found online, I watch lots of videos, and I study people doing great in the real estate sector.

The two people I focus my radar on were Wale Ayilara of Landwey and Adetola Nola of Veritasi Homes, these two guys are within 30 to 35 years, they’re presently billionaires.

I focused my radar on them, watched most of their interviews, and then launched my real estate company in March.

This is the 7th month of launching, what I have achieved materially within this period, if not that I changed location and also living a very low-key life, many of my neighbors or old friends would have sent EFCC after me.

I took my time to launch, then I when launched, I didn’t settle for the crumbs, I launched out big the same way multinationals company are doing despite I don’t have any start-up cash.

Without money, in three months, I got 10 high-net-worth individuals buying into my idea, I got all the lands in my private estate sold out in less than 3month. I’m not just rich now but very wealthy as my friend proclaimed, if I stopped working today, what I have on the ground can feed my immediate family till their end of time.

And come to think of it, I have not even launched out properly, what I’ve seen from real estate is just icing on the cake, I’ve not done it properly the same way Wale Ayilara and Adetola Nola are doing it, I’m still playing it very small to allow natural growth happen to my business.

Dear Reader;

Let me be frank with you, the secret to becoming wealthy is the ability to seek knowledge and its application. I’ve never met Wale and Nola one on one, I stumbled on their interview videos with Tayo Aina on Facebook, and I got motivated and pick it up from there. I never entered into their dms, I only do my due diligence to study what they do frantically with the use of my smartphone.

Becoming wealthy doesn’t always have to require you to have an initial capital when the money you need is in other people’s hands.

The money you need to become wealthy is in other people’s hands, how you get it without begging for it is what you should focus on, not how to make money, just focus on how to make people beg you with their money.

In the real estate sector, if you have been following me keenly on all related posts, you’ll see I have shared the secret of launching out big in this sector without having a kobo to start up.

This is the same strategy every real estate gurus are using, none of them, even the billionaires are using their money to fund any of the estates they are erecting here and there. The same strategy I’m using now is even what Wale and Nola and other billionaires in this sector are using.

Yesterday, while going to pick up my kids in school, I stumbled on Landwey unveiling a new estate in Epe, this is just about a 4mins drive to my house.

They came with a big banner, over 50 real estate marketers with their recording gadgets, area boys, bulldozers, and police.

They mounted the banner, and did all their glamour for Facebook ads, reels, and YouTube videos, in another 2hours, they removed the banner, and all left, the place is currently in the usual state they met it.

Let me shock you, the land you see them advertising now, they’ve not paid for it in full, if the land worth 50m for example, if they’ve paid 5m down payment to the landowners they even try, with 2/3m down payment, they’ve already installed their banners and as people buy from them, they begin paying the landowners.

This is the simple strategy of launching out in real estate without the worry of debt financing.

My next launching will be massive, from 30plots, I’ll be doing nothing less than 100plots of land, maybe nah here I go see money buy my favourite Benz🤣

Get knowledge, apply, make money, rinse and repeat, that’s the secrete of wealthy people

I took the pictures below at the unveiling of the new town by Landwey in Epe

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