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How to Start a Real Estate Business in Nigeria as a Youth or Young person

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As a Young Nigerian, you need to Seize the future and invest in real estate now because the real estate business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria.

Today I decided to take a day out of the farm by touring around Epe and Ibeju-Lekki axis. It’s been three months since I go beyond my house and farm, today with my family I drove the length and breadth of Epe and Ibeju-Lekki to catch a view of the whole area. The first point of the visit was the popular Alaro City in Lekki Free Zone, Ibeju-Lekki (video in the comment section)

Just like the Atlantic City in V.I, Alaro City is the newest city in Lagos with a landmass of 2000 hectares where you can live, work, and invest.

The city is designed in such a way that you can have everything you need within it; live, work, relax, and invest.

I went in to meet the security personnel and introduced myself as a real estate agent, they told me they were closed today that I should get back during working days, and that, I’ll be given chance to make a tour of the city after booking a ticket.

Alaro City is a 25mins drive to Viands Homes and Properties Ltd Office and Private estates. Epe and Ibeju-Lekki currently have the best road network in Lagos.

Here is where we have the Dangote Refineries, Private shipping companies, and many notable companies.

Other notable estates around this area are Itunu Residential by Veritas Homes and Isinmi Lagos by Landwey

Leaving Alaro City, we headed to Eleko Beach, Eleko Beach is about a 7mins drive from Alaro City.

As a youth between 22 to 45years of age, I’m imploring you to start expanding your portfolio by diversifying into real estate.

Real Estate is a gold mining business venture that’ll secure your future and the future of your 5th generation.

Landwey and Veritas homes owners are between the age of 30 and 32 and yet they own one of the largest real estate companies in Lagos.

A plot of land in Isimi Lagos by Landwey in Epe is sold for a 22million, you can google their site to confirm this.

A plot of land in Itunu Residential by Veritas homes is around 15 to 20m per plot.

The owners of these two companies are in their early 30s. The goal is simple when they started, it was not that they have millions to purchase this land beforehand, what paved the way for them is the ability to predict the future, their proactive nature by getting local intel about viable lands, getting investors for funding, developed the bare lands, and put up for sale for massive returns.

How to Start a Profitable Real Estate Business in Nigeria

Let’s take #ViandsHomes in Itoikin, Epe as an example, it’s just a 25mins drive to Alaro City, and currently has 30plots of land for sale.

How do you get started?

You need to start by having a registered real estate company. Register your Real Estate Business

Meet the baale of the community in Epe or any location you want to invest in, ask him to allocate 30plots of land for your company, and you might be given one year to make the full payment. You can make part payment to him and start selling or developing your land.

That’s what they (the real estate company) are selling to people on installment with an initial deposit of at least 150k, then spread the balance over 6 months. Total payment now is 700k per plot (600sqm)

The lands are freehold, you can buy, complete the documentation by getting a CofO, fence it round, and leave it for the future to appreciate, resell or build your dream homes on it.

This is one of the secrets those Real Estate companies use in acquiring hectares of land, developing and selling for profit and they move to another area and do the same thing.

As a young guy, you really need to invest in real estate because there’s plenty of money in the business.

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