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One of the many Advantages of venturing into Farming Business in Nigeria

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This is one of the many advantages of being a farmer in Nigeria. I will use myself as an example from my personal experience.

Today we cooked soup for a family of 4 and 2 dependants will eat for two days with just N1600

I picked 4 big-size catfish from the pond, fetch some ewedu growing freely on the farm, buy pepper N1000, grind it N100, and ponmo N500.

The value of fish used is N5000 if I’m to buy it from the local market, my wife cooked the soup on the firewood meant for smoking fish at the farm so zero money spent on gas

She shared the soup, drop ours in the car, and gave the portion to those living on the farm.

I don’t really like layers farming but for the sake of my kids that love eggs and my dependants, I’m buying 20 egg-laying chickens, they’ll roam freely at the farm while we collect their eggs for personal consumption.

If this Buhari economy no force you to go into farming, at least it should force you to go into backyard farming that’ll sustain your family especially those of you with a large family.

Two years ago, a man in the United States ask me to help him set up a plantain farm on the two plots of land in his compound in the village. He’s a medical doctor in the US, he has a mansion in his hometown, 2plots of land behind the house, his mother, sister, and other relatives are living there, a very large family all depending on him.

When he called me, he asked how he can limit his financial burden at home, I advised him to utilize the free land in his compound for plantain farming, till today they’re still eating the plantains, and they sell the excess at the local market near them.

Yesterday morning, guess what we eat at home with just N1,000; I cut one fresh bunch of plantain, cut each finger into two pieces, and cook it like yam, we only buy peppers and eggs to make an egg sauce.

Even if I don’t have shishi in my bank account, the last thing I think about is what to eat. Plantains dey, we can use it make swallows or cook it like yam with egg sauce, or fry am to make dodo and egg sauce.

Fresh fish dey, chicken dey, eggs dey, and many vegetable dey grow freely in my farm.

This post is a wake-up call to those of you with large dependants, there is every indication that the dollar will rise to N1,000 before December.

I’m just 34, and I have 6 dependants on me, even with the managing I dey manage daily, I dey spent nothing less than 100k on feeding alone every month, during school days, I spent nothing less than 150k a month for feeding alone.

If I continue to do this with no meaningful source of income, I guess if I’ll live long,

Other compulsory costs still dey there oo; Logistics, car maintenance, generator maintenance, home maintenance, debt financing, farm maintenance, and others.

If I add all the costs above, e choke oo

If you have a space you’re not using or you have free space in your backyard, embrace farming now, it’ll ease your burden financially and economically

Nah the small money I get to lend you be this oo.

Start your Farming business today and be financially free.

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